Our Recent Projects

Our fully insulated garden rooms can be used for many different purposes including use as a home office, studio, gym, family room and entertaining space. Take a look at some of our recent designs below...

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Scholars Mews - Care Home

"This is so exciting for us, after months of lockdowns and no good news we have a reason to be excited. You have no idea how this will improve residents’ lives with visits being able to take place in all weathers..."

Dean’s Chill Out Room, Leamington Spa.

“It has such an appealing look from our house and where it is situated means that your eye is guided towards the garden room instead of the houses behind..."

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Music Room 8.jpg

Peter’s Music/Chill Out Room, Coventry

“My girlfriend and I wanted a dedicated place to play these which was separate to our house, somewhere where we could really chill out together..."

Sarahs Cube, Northampton.

“The cost of renting had been rising so another option to cut down overheads going forward was to work from home.” Sarah preferred the idea of having a dedicated place..."

Thurlaston Meadows Care Home, Rugby

Care homes all across the country have struggled with the incredible challenge of COVID restrictions imposed on them and the real need for residents and families to be able to see each other... 

‘Sanctuary’, Coventry - Multi-use garden room with integrated shed.

Our customer who lives in Coventry works from home for most of the week and in London for the remainder. He lives with his wife and three teenage sons and felt he needed a separate space to concentrate on his work but at the same time it needed to be a family room as well....

More Coming Soon...

What Our Customers Say...

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I could not recommend Wild Environments highly enough – just brilliant from start to finish!”

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"Wild Environments exceeded my expectations"

Thurlaston Meadows 1.jpg

"Excellent from start to finish"

Sarah Final 3 - Copy Resized.png

“I wanted it to make a statement in my garden and it certainly does!

A Delighted Customer From Coventry


Thurlaston Care Home