Coventry - Multi-use garden room with integrated shed.

Our customer who lives in Coventry works from home for most of the week and in London for the remainder. He lives with his wife and three teenage sons and felt he needed a separate space to concentrate on his work but at the same time it needed to be a family room as well. He also liked the idea of having a safe but also a private place for his boys and their mates to hang out going forward. Therefore, he has created an office, family room and teenage chill out space, along with an integrated storage area – a fantastic multi-use garden room which he affectionately calls, ‘The Shed’! The design is based upon Wild Environments’ ‘Sanctuary’ option and adds some bespoke features.

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Decisions, Decisions!

After Wild Environments was personally recommended to him, our client obtained quotes from us and other companies but chose us as he said the quote was good value. He said, “The design process was very simple and there was really good communication. David came to my house do the site survey and we discussed whether the garden room would be positioned face on to the house or at 90°. What we liked was that (the smaller) decisions were made for us mostly and I trusted David. He sent me links for the more important things such as the flooring and radiator options.” Our customer chose to incorporate a storage area with separate entrance to be used to keep soft furnishings like patio chair cushions dry. In addition to this, he decided to have cedar cladding to the outside of his garden room. He said, “Cedar looked the best choice in my opinion, it will age to silver and fit in with its surroundings perfectly.”

How was the installation process?

Our purchaser said, “We haven’t stopped telling people about this!” He explained that he compared previous experience with builders and tradesmen and ours was the complete opposite. He went on to say that the installers from Wild Environments arrived “…on time, had the correct equipment for the tasks each day, had a tent to store everything and had clear goals each day. It was a very well managed project!” he added, “The family loved it – none of us could believe how quickly it had gone up! The TV was hung for us, the beer fridge was turned on and we literally just moved the furniture in! I didn’t imagine it could be this smooth!”

How will having a garden room improve your life?

Thinking from his work point of view, our customer felt that it would allow him to be more productive and that it would be very useful for his sons to utilise this safe and private environment as they grow up. The project has inspired him to start planning improvements to the rest of his garden.

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A final note to prospective customers…

Our client wanted to add, “It was genuinely amazing to see five workmen all working together in perfect harmony with a common goal. I could not recommend Wild Environments highly enough – just brilliant from start to finish!”

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Multi-use Garden Room for Case Study 6 (

What Our Customers Say...

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I could not recommend Wild Environments highly enough – just brilliant from start to finish!”

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"Wild Environments exceeded my expectations"

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"Excellent from start to finish"

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“I wanted it to make a statement in my garden and it certainly does!

A Delighted Customer From Coventry


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